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Prosperia Health

PROSPERiA is a social impact spinoff from the MIT Media Lab, created to massify early detection and treatment of chronic diseases in emerging markets through solutions based on Artificial Intelligence

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Vibe Saude

Vibe is making healthcare easily accessible for all of Brazil. Vibe exists because every Brazilian deserves to be cared for with love throughout their life.

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Doc-doc is transforming health by giving patients instant and affordable access to professional doctors, as well as centralizing medical history and prescriptions in the app.

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Kena Health

Kena Health's wants to improve access to healthcare. Their team-based healthcare approach allocates the most suitable health professional to each patient's needs. This model lowers the cost of healthcare, and improves health outcomes for each patient.

MEXICO - Prosperia Health 

Prosperia is a social impact venture that emerged from the Media Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and today is focused on the early detection of diabetes and diabetic blindness.

In Mexico there are more than 24 million people who have diabetes or pre-diabetes, with risks of vision problems, while there are only about 4,000 ophthalmologists to care for them.

“In Mexico we have a great lag in access to timely health services. We seek to democratize this access through the use of technology”, explains Cristina.

Prosperia logo

Prosperia Health


DocDoc C-level team holding DocDoc logo


More than 30,000 users in different countries have made more than 70,000 teleconsultations in Doc-Doc, a virtual hospital founded in Bogotá that is catalyzing the opening that the pandemic has left for digital consultations in the health sector.

In their seed investment round, they raised US$500,000 from investors such as Startup Health, 500Startups and Seedstars, from the hand of some of the co-founders of Rappi, who participated as angel investors. In June 2022, the doc-doc team raised a further US$1,000,000 from impact start-up Cardo Health.

“For health professionals who lost their jobs in the midst of the pandemic, this was an opportunity to continue serving their patients and have their own virtual office,” said Doc-Doc Co-Founder and CEO Gabriel Castillo. “I consider doc-doc an affordable and qualitative solution that can bring a positive transformation within the system. However, the best is what is coming for the future”.

DocDoc logo

BRASIL - Vibe Saúde

Vibe Saúde is a leader in B2C digital health in Brazil with over 1.8 million downloads and strategic partnerships in the B2B market.

Its mission is to transform health by offering high quality healthcare at affordable prices for Brazilians who need it. Through its digital platform/app, it offers on-demand and scheduled consultations with family doctors and a clinical staff with different specialties and nurses, in addition to offering mental health to its patients. Since launching the platform in July 2020, ViBe has reached over 1.8 million downloads.

Vibe Saude logo

Vibe Saúde

Felipe Cunha, Vibe CEO

Kena Health


Kena’s solution impacts real lives in Africa. Launched at the beginning of March, Kena’s team have managed to build and launch their health care app business in a highly regulated and very sophisticated $37 billion industry. 

While the Telehealth care industry in South Africa is still in its infancy, the jury scored Kena highly on its ability to maneuver a business in a difficult landscape wracked with regulations.  Kena has a chance to change the landscape of affordable health care through technology, for tens of millions of people.

The company has secured partnerships locally with Healthforce, a South Africa-based health tech company that tries to improve healthcare through multidisciplinary clinical teams through a blend of telemedicine and hands-on nurse care in pharmacies. Kena has also secured a partnership with Dischem, the largest pharmacy group in South Africa. The Kena Health app, launched in 2022, already has over 10,000 downloads and is the number 1 rated healthcare app in the Google Play Store in SA.

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