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Tobias Strålin

CEO & Founder

Prior to Cardo Health, Tobias was a partner with McKinsey & Co, where, over almost 20 years, he served many of the world’s leading tech players and Fortune 500 firms on growth, go-to-market and operations strategy. He led McKinsey’s European Start-Up Practice, McKinsey Fuel, scaling it >10x with his team. He also led McKinsey’s European Product Development Practice, helping the firm become officially recognised as the world’s top R&D consultancy.

Tobias is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for social impact. He is Founder and Chairman of the non-profit All In Foundation and has worked in a pro-bono capacity for many leading non-profits e.g., WHO and Norrsken Foundation.

He holds a Triple Master’s degree from Lund University in Engineering Physics, Business and Economics, and Technology Management.

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Masha Feigelman

Deputy CEO & Co-Founder

Masha is a seasoned health care leader and entrepreneur with a passion for digital health innovation.

Before launching Cardo, Masha had at 20-year successful career at McKinsey, where she was a partner and co-head of the Fuel - start-up practice in Europe as well as led global hospital provider practice.   While in McKinsey, Masha was both a geographic and industry entrepreneur, reinventing her path many times.  She worked and lived in Russia, US, UK and Singapore, serving clients from Vietnam to Libya to India.  She built and led Healthcare practices in the UK, Russia and South East Asia. 

She also delivered cutting-edge digital health solutions for various challenges, such as teledoc in Malaysia, hybrid digital primary care in Russia and medical tourism (including digital) in the Middle East.

More recently Masha advised and joined the boards of several digital health start-ups, helping them grow and thrive in the dynamic health care market. For example, helped BBM (an insurance start-up) to raise series C funding and ultimately to become a unicorn.  Masha is on the board of the Centre for Entrepreneurs and is an active mentor at the Oxford Foundry and Zinc incubators.  

Despite not being an MD by training, Masha’s curiosity and thirst for learning have enabled her to lead projects and clinical groups on topics ranging from cancer to maternity services.

Masha holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and BA in Economics and Mathematics from Brandeis (Suma Cum Laude, Phi Betta Kappa).

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Rehman Adil

CTO & Co-Founder

Rehman has two decades of experience in product engineering and technology, including five years at McKinsey Digital in London as an Expert Associate Partner and client CTO. He has built IT platforms for three digital businesses and scaled these to cover millions of users.

Rehman has also led product engineering teams at Deutsche Telekom and Ericsson.

Rehman is passionate about how technology can transform millions of people’s lives to provide high quality, more accessible and more affordable healthcare through integrated end-user experience, automation and artificial intelligence.

He holds a Master’s degree in software engineering from KTH University, Stockholm.

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Alejandro Noriega

Chief AI Officer & Co-founder

Holding a PhD in Applied AI and a Master’s of Science in Technology & Policy from MIT, Alejandro is the Chief AI Officer at Cardo. His professional journey has seen him as AI advisor at the United Nations and Mexico’s Presidential Office, influencing AI strategy and implementation in the healthcare and social protection domains. Alejandro has a track record of deploying AI technologies that have positively impacted over 50 million individuals across five countries. His work, situated at the intersection of technology, policy, and global impact, showcases the transformative potential of AI in addressing real-world challenges. Through his role at Cardo and beyond, Alejandro continues to drive initiatives that bridge technological innovation with impactful, scalable solutions

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Mikaela Willman

Chief of Staff and Head of Special Projects

Mikaela brings 8 years of experience in business process management, finance and e-commerce, including most recently as CFO of e-commerce scale-up, Reforma, where she set the purchasing strategy and automated data-driven decision-making. Mikaela was previously an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Co where she serviced Private Equity clients through the portfolio lifecycle. She also worked for H&M where she led several Advanced Analytics projects, such as automated quantification for e-commerce and data-driven design.

She holds a BSc in International Business with Spanish from Warwick University, graduating as the top student of her year while undertaking additional studies in Mathematics.

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Johan Persson

Head of Product

Prior to Cardo Health, Johan practiced as a medical doctor for five years before joining a leading digital health company as Head of Expansion and Head of Product – International, where his responsibilities also included project and programme management, and change management within healthcare organizations. 


With his training as a doctor and experience in product development and global health, Johan is excited about improving millions of lives by enabling affordable high-quality healthcare. 


Johan received his University Medical Degree and Bachelor’s in Informatics from Lund University. He also studied Industrial Engineering and Management at Linköping Institute of Technology and ETH, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, in Zurich.

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Ana Luisa Lolosidis

Product Designer

Ana Luisa is an experienced Product Designer specialising in application design with a passion for Emotional Design and Ethical User Centric Design. Prior to joining the team at Cardo Health, she worked at Delivery Hero's 'efood' branch, planning and executing the redesign and relaunch of their mobile application. She also worked at Remy Robotics, building the consumer facing mobile application from scratch and developing their internal tools.


She has an arts and design background with a First Class Honours Bachelor's degree focused in Graphic Design and Communication from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

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Ezequiel Gómez Cucchiararo

Software Engineer

Originally from Argentina, and after finishing a university degree in Philosophy at the UAB in Barcelona, ​​in 2017, Ezequiel moved into the field of software development as a Full Stack Software Engineer. Focused on Javascript and with a great interest in Go, in 2022 he completed a master's degree in Software Development and Architecture at La Salle University. Passionate about clean code and teamwork, he seeks to create applications that have real impact and are useful for people. When he's not programming, he likes to play tennis, board games and DJing electronic music wherever he can.

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Sebastian Carullo

DevOps Engineer

Sebastian has been working as DevSecOps engineer for almost a decade with a background of 15 years as SysOps. Prior to joining the Cardo Health family, he worked several years for Stacks where he lead the adoption of DevSecOps methodologies and Cloud native architectures on healthcare projects for public administration in Spain and Chile.


He is a passionate engineer about security, cloud technologies and automations best practices. Sebastian is committed to healthcare sector where he finds himself engaged on the task to help bring tech bridges between people and professionals regardless of social status and ensure a quality healthcare service as a basic right for citizens.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from OUC University, Barcelona.

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Albert Vila Calvo

Software Engineer

Albert is an experienced and passionate Full Stack JavaScript Developer, with focus on Node.js and React Native. Previously, he developed native Android mobile apps for 6 years, participating in the development of small, medium and large apps used by thousands of users, on both small and fast-paced start-ups, such as 21 Buttons, and large, established companies, such as Adevinta and Veepee.


He has a 5-year degree in Industrial Engineering, specialized in Electronics, from UPC-BarcelonaTech. In the past he has also worked as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer.

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Juan Diego de Miguel Mateo 

Development Lead

Juan Diego brings more than 11 years building products from global tech companies (Eventbrite, Vrbo, Expedia and Amadeus), scaling and leading products over hundreds of millions of users worldwide. He led the global initiative to set and scale a data-driven mindset culture in Eventbrite, an organisation of 1000+ employees. 

Juan Diego is an enthusiastic and dedicated professional who is committed to creating best-in-class data-driven products that are highly available and built with the best engineering practices. He also places a strong emphasis on fostering a positive and collaborative engineering and team culture.

He holds a Master’s degree in telecommunication engineering from Polytechnic University of Madrid, and a Master Infotech degree in electronics from University of Stuttgart.

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Francisco Zurita Gonzalez

Software Engineer

With over 8 years of experience building software products for renowned startups such as Glovo and Factorial, Francisco has cultivated a strong professional track record as a full-stack software engineer.

Francisco holds a degree in Industrial Electronic Engineering from the University of Córdoba (UCO), which has equipped him with a strong foundation in technical knowledge and problem-solving skills. Additionally, he has worked with prominent organizations such as Telefónica early in his career, participating in an IoT project alongside Huawei in the telecommunications and IoT domain.

Notably, Francisco joined Glovo as one of the initial ten developers when the company had fewer than 40 employees and a valuation of approximately 20MM. During his tenure, he witnessed and contributed to the rapid growth of the company into a unicorn, with over 150 engineers and 500 employees.

Later, Francisco joined Factorial when the company had around 20-25 engineers and 70-80 employees, where he played a significant role in the growth and development of the HR-focused organization. By the time he left, Factorial had more than 50 engineers, over 150 employees, and achieved a valuation close to 1 bUSD, solidifying its status as a unicorn.

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Mateusz Szymajda

Quality Engineering Consultant


Mateusz has 9 years of experience in hands-on and leadership roles in a variety of SaaS and FinTech startups. He is passionate about creating game-changing products in an agile environment. He specializes in establishing, shaping, and transforming Development & Quality Assurance processes to achieve high scalability and efficiency. He focuses on building and leading effective and remote technology teams.


As a QA Lead, he is an advocate of automation and the DevOps approach to solving problems.

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Victor Igualada

Software Engineer


Víctor is an accomplished Telematics and software engineer and architect avid for creating high-performance, low latency, innovative solutions that push technological boundaries. He has a diverse background spanning various industries and advanced technologies, from big technology companies such as Airbus or Telespazio to smaller startups as Parrable.Venturing further into the realm of advanced technology, he played a pivotal role in a satellite navigation project, successfully reducing positioning systems errors. Also designed robust systems for SNCF, the French national train enterprise. Proficient in various programming languages, including Node.js, Java, PHP. He excels in dynamic environments, adept at solving intricate problems, and is well-versed in DevOps practices, Cloud computing and Platform Engineering.

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Simon Garmendia

Quality Engineering Consultant


Simon is a full-stack software engineer based in Spain, holding an engineering degree from the University of Warwick. With over 7 years of experience, he has collaborated with companies and startups both in Barcelona and across Europe and the USA. Beyond web development, Simon is deeply passionate about emerging technologies, machine learning, and data analytics. In his spare time, he enjoys experimenting with innovative programming concepts, cycling along the beach, indulging in science fiction books and films, and occasionally venturing into the culinary world with an exotic recipe.

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Mikaela Willman

We are always looking for talented individuals. Please reach out to our Chief of Staff for more info!

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